Opt for Asphalt Shingle Roofing on the South Shore

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    Toiture de bardeaux d’asphalte

    Shingles: Affordable and Weatherproof

    Asphalt shingles are the most popular choice today, whether renovations or a new roof.

    The new laminated shingles made from fibreglass are remarkably durable and weather resistant.

    Available in a variety of colours and patterns, asphalt shingles are as affordable as they are easy to match. Finally, numerous limited lifetime warranties are an advantage when you opt for this product.

    Diligent Preparations

    Whatever type of roof, careful surface preparation is a crucial step to achieve a quality roof. Rest assured that we will perform any necessary carpentry work to properly prepare the roof deck and/or trusses.

    We are also committed to providing an update on the status of your attic ventilation, since it can have a direct influence on the life of a roof and on the preservation of the frame.

    The team at Toitures Everest in Montérégie perform each installation according to the manufacturer’s standards, including installation of the membrane, the synthetic underlayment and adequate flashings and siding, all in order to make your roof a formidable barrier against the outbursts of Mother Nature!


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