Strong, Durable Custom Roofing in Montérégie

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    Conventional Steel Sheets or Shingles

    Toitures métalliques

    Would you like to have your roof done for the last time? Opt for a metal roof, the most durable material on the market. Whether in classic sheets or as steel shingles, this roofing material is attractive both for its safe installation and for its multiple options of shapes, designs and colours. Although slightly more expensive, it offers arguably one of the most durable finishes on the market.

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    Steel is armour for your roof

    Sheet metal, galvanized, zinc-plated, lacquered or « steel pan », steel roofing can take on many forms and looks while being subjected to varying anti-corrosion treatments. Whether your architecture is more classique or modern, the roofing will match perfectly.

    While this metal is versatile, it’s also extremely resistant and light. Both essential characteristics.

    Protect your roof against water, flames and erosion (greening)m without adding too much weight to your structure.


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